You must use the same email address that was used for your registration. That would be the same email address that you received this confirmation letter. If you need to change that email address, please contact us in writing NOW at

How Your Name Appears

ASAP is very different from other groups we work with. Most groups love to see who is else is attending and chat back and forth with each other. In ASAP, we have many, many folks who prefer to remain “in the background.” So, let’s be clear – when you sign in, your name will appear, but you have the option to change it. You might even consider making your name “Anonymous.” (See item #9 for information sharing, as noted on your registration form.)

Link for Training

The link and login information will be sent in a separate email on Thursday, July 23, 2020. Remember to check your spam and trash folders. As you know, the link and log in are confidential and should not be shared with anyone else. Log ins are monitored. You will be able to retrieve the program materials. Again, they are only available to registrants who have properly registered.


ASAP will be recording this event in its entirety. Registrants are strictly prohibited from any kind of recording, capturing screen shots, or screen sharing.

Certificate of Attendance

Once the training session is complete on Wednesday, July 29, you will have the opportunity to complete a survey/evaluation of the program. NEW INFORMATION: Oops, we’ve had a glitch. (This is where we appreciate your patience in this new environment.) Once you complete the Training Conference Evaluation at the Survey Monkey Link - or at the Evaluation Tab, the ASAP staff will generate a Certificate of Attendance for you and email it to you. Can’t access Survey Monkey? Not a problem. Email and we will send you the survey for completion.

Code of Conduct

Virtual training is a different environment and people may react differently, not realizing that comments do not translate as well in a virtual environment as they do in in-person meetings. It has become the norm to establish a code of conduct for all meetings as it helps people understand what to do and what not to do. Previously, we posted the Code of Conduct on the website and have included it at the end for your convenience.

Sharing of Information

(As noted on the registration form) - Please be advised that when you register for this training, your name or other contact information may be displayed or appear in the chat. This may depend on the various settings. We are working to optimize privacy but may have some system constraints. Please also be aware that a listing of registrants along with affiliations and city/state may be shared internally by ASAP. The staff, board and committees review this information for demographic and budgetary reasons. The names of participants registered for ASAP training may be shared among fellow attendees including agency/company affiliation and city/state location (as submitted for registration purposes or pulled from the database). By registering for the event, participants agree to share their name, affiliation and “opted-in” contact information with fellow event attendees and event sponsors. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at